The Rare "Unknown" Ritual That Made Me -66 Lighter

After years of being at 211

now I'm at 145!!

The OLD Unhappy Me

The NEW Confident Me!

It began when my hubby and I relocated to Florida... We were having such a great time with the entire family at a get-together; it had been a good amount of time since we had all been able to reconnect. It was a fabulous day spent making memories, that's for sure!

A few days after, scrolling through my FB newsfeed I spotted pictures my cousin posted. I was so embarrassed at the sight of these photos. I had no idea how I really looked and all I had gained over the years. I guess subconsciously I had always tried to avoid having photos taken of me. Seeing these photos of myself, I was completely shocked. 

Years of continually putting my family's demands ahead of my own clearly took their toll. I never put myself first, and I was always fatigued from chasing after my family and doing everything for them. I would constantly munch on sugary foods to keep me going. It just started piling up over the years.

I felt increasingly horrified about myself the more I glanced in the mirror. It was a never-ending loop of despise for the person I saw in the mirror, followed by soothing myself with cookies and wine in the evening. Obviously, it only worsened the situation.

A few weekends after the family get-together, I joined my husband for a walk on the beach and I was physically gasping for air. I knew deep down that I needed to make a change and regain control of my life.

I Tried it All…Yet Nothing Worked


Intense workouts bad for my joints and bones

Calorie Restriction
​Paleo / Keto

​Juice Cleanses

And NONE of it was long-term sustainable!! 

I'd lose a little, but the effects were all the same... only to regain more than I had lost! 

I'd always end up right back where I started, if not worse. 

I was exhausted both physically and emotionally as a result of the never-ending cycle. I sensed there was something I wasn't understanding...

I Tried it All…Yet Nothing Worked

The continual yo-yo numbers on the scales stem from years of attempting all the "latest health trends." I had a sneaking suspicion that I had harmed my metabolic efficiency. 

Sure enough, I was correct! I decided to try a "tea hack" after seeing a video about it, and I'm so happy I did. 

I finally found the missing piece to my puzzle!   A quick and easy tea hack that takes advantage of the natural metabolic-boosting ingredients found in everyday teas. 

I've finally broken the cycle and transformed my life thanks to the "Tea Hack."

My Daily 10-Second “Tea Hack” Has Allowed Me To…

LOVE who I see in the mirror every day
Feel confident showing my legs and arms
Wear a bikini! 
Enjoy my favourite foods
​No strenuous workouts that are bad on my joints (I love my walks on the beach)
No more worrying about gaining lbs

​Simply  said, I  am enjoying my life

Now I'm on my way to Long-Term Health and Happiness... 

And I want to encourage people to follow in my footsteps since we only have one life to live, and we should live it to the fullest. 

I'm in the best shape of my life and I'm in my 50's. Everyone deserves to be as happy as I am! 

And it's only right that I SHARE what I've learned and how I've transformed my life! 

Please take a look at the video below to find out more. I PROMISE it'll be worth the few additional minutes.

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